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Welcome all to website for the UTC Bass Fishing Club representing the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.  Our purpose is to promote the sport of bass fishing and to provide an opportunity for all students to participate in competitive bass fishing at a collegiate level. Being a part of the UTC Mocs Bass Anglers will allow members to compete against club teams at other colleges and universities in a sport that we all love. We realize that our generation is responsible for the preservation and growth of competitive bass angling and therefore make it our goal to represent our sport, our sponsors, and our university with class and enthusiasm.

Upcoming TCBFT Events: 

Spring Schedule: 
TCBFT 2014

January 18, 2014 Nickajack Lake

Launch: Shellmound

A-Rig FEST...

February 8-9 2014 Guntersville Lake

Guaranteed $2000 1st Place

Launch: Goose Pond

Phoenix Flight

March 8th and 9th Chickamauga Pre ACA

Launch: Dayton Boat Dock

Moon-Pie Open

March 30th Kentucky Lake


Launch: Paris Landing



Lake Chickamauga May 3-4

Launch: Chesterfrost

$2500 guaranteed payout


TowBoat Membership:

$100 member contingency prize per tournamet

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If you are interested in learning more about the UTC Mocs Bass Anglers, becoming a Mocs Angler, sponsoring the UTC Mocs Bass Anglers, or just wish to drop a comment or question, feel free to contact us in any of the following ways:

Email:  utcbassfishing@gmail.com

President - Lance Geren                                423- 715-0840                  utcbassfishing@gmail.com
Vice President - Jordan Hawkersmith            (931) 581.5104                   hmk174@mocs.utc.edu  
Treasurer - Taylor Bolton                               (615) 812.8446                   tbolton224@gmail.com

The Godfather - Alex Craw                            (615) 479.5225                 alhcr3@gmail.com
Faculty Advisor - Tony Sanders                      (423) 280-3677                 tonysandersoutdoors.com


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